• Bantam (13 years old and up) 

  • Head Coach Wayne Souza - 435.513.0954

• GridIron (12 years old)

  • Head Coach Tyler Headrick - 435.300.0756

• MityMite (11 years old)

  • Head Coach Mike Osguthorpe - 435.513.0331

• PeeWee (10 years old)

  • Head Coach Greg Cover - 801.652.2997

• Gremlin (9 years old) 

  • Head Coach Joey Atkinson - 435.640.1671

• Scout (7 & 8 years old)

  • Head Coach Tyson Woodward - 208.670.4446

*All ages are as of July 1, 2019.


 Official Weigh-in Date: TBA.

Any player who misses the official weigh-in is removed from the roster and is ineligible to play the first game.  Players caught playing are subject to suspension and the game will be a forfeiture. Coach or coaches will be suspended.  A makeup weigh in will be the Tuesday after the 1st regular season game.  Players are to wear shorts and t-shirts to weigh in. No Equipment! 

Scout 7 - 8 

  • X Weight 85 lbs 
  • No Z Downs Or optional 1 year move “Y” UP ONLY  (For 8-year-olds only) 

Gremlin 9 

  • X Weight 95 lbs 
  • Z Weight 10 yr old 75 lbs Or optional 1 year move “Y” UP ONLY 

Pee Wee 10 

  • X Weight 105 lbs 
  • Z Weight 11 yr old 85 lbs Or optional 1 year move 

Mity Mite 11 

  • X Weight 125 lbs 
  • Z Weight 12 yr old 105 lbs Or optional 1 year move 

Gridiron 12 

  • X Weight 135 lbs 
  • Z Weight 13 yr old 115 lbs Or optional 1 year move 

Bantam 13 (14 must be in 8th grade or Z down rules apply)

  • X Weight 165 lbs 
  • Z Weight 14 yr old 155 lbs Or optional 1 year move


The "X"-man Rule in the conference bylaws is presently written as follows:  

13.1.4 After the official weigh-in, any player who exceeds the official weight limit for each team classification will be required to play as an interior lineman. As well as being designated on the player roster by an "X", he/she would also be required at all times to wear a 4-inch black or white "X", whichever is a contrasting color to the helmet, on both front and back of his/her helmet. As an interior lineman, the player is limited to play one of the front five line positions from tackle to tackle on the offensive team. This offensive lineman must be in a set position, but not necessarily in a down position. When playing defense, the "X" player must be placed as an interior lineman further from the ball than the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle, in a 3- or 4-point stance, and the player must be located within one yard deep from the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap. When participating on a kickoff or receiving team, the "X" player is limited to the front line play. No more than five "X" players will be allowed to participate at one time on each team.  

ALL "X"-MEN-- The following criteria apply to ALL "X"-men:  

All individuals listed on their teams´ roster as an "X"-man, must have either a 4" White or Black "X" on the front AND back of their helmet. The Conference Board of Directors have also instructed the President´s of each District to inform their Coaches to ONLY use Conference-purchased block "X´s". Skull bones, decorations, colorings, numbers, names, writings, etc. are prohibited on the "X", and the "X" can NOT be made of Athletic tape, black electrical tape or anything other the Conference-provided "X".